Mobile Products

A compact and weather-resistant mobile sampler designed for automated liquid media sampling. With its small size, it fulfills diverse
sampling needs and is perfectly suited for on-the-go applications in wastewater treatment plants and for sampling surface waters. 

ORI Mini - ATEX certified sampler unit

Optionally, the sampling module starts a predefined sampling sequence (pre-programmed by the user) via a potential-free contact (button or switch), via RS485 (Modbus) or by connecting to a multi-parameter data logger such as the ORI Mlog or ORI NEMO T. With the help of the ORI Mini Manager software, a sampling sequence for the ORI Mini is defined and stored (duration, sampling interval, dosing volume…)

Multi-parameter Measuring System

The Mlog Z1 is a mobile and economical multi-parameter measuring systemin a robust design (IP67). All measured parameters can be logged at freelydefinable intervals. The Mlog is designed for long-term applications in Ex zone

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