Gas Sensors Head

Our precision particle monitors provide accurate counting, size analysis, and real-time data logging. Utilize our advanced tech to
evaluate particle levels, meet ISO 14644 and USP <797> standards, and enhance air quality for optimal conditions.

Gas Sensor Housing (GSH4) for Flameproof Fixed Gas Detectors

These flameproof gas sensor heads that can be fitted with a range of different sensor technologies (infrared, pellistor, electrochemical) for detection of a wide variety of gasses, depending on the sensor fitted.

They are Ex d certified components and as such must be fitted into compatible separately certified apparatus such a Flameproof (Ex d) junction box, Increased Safety (Ex e) junction box or Flameproof (Ex d) gas detector instrument housing.

FGD5/6-IR Pellistor Replacement Gas Detectors

Flameproof Fixed Gas Detectors are used in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres where, due to the nature of the environment or the industrial process taking place, there is the risk of an incendive spark from electrical apparatus causing an explosion to occur and the organisation responsible for the safety of the area requires that electrical equipment be enclosed within a flameproof enclosure (also known as an FLP, Ex d or explosion-proof enclosure).

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