EESIFLO Insertion Watercut Probes

The inline insertion probe has been designed to measure the water content in a crude oil pipeline. It also works on most petroleum-based products. The principle of measurement is a well-known method of determining the presence of water in an oil by it’s dielectric properties. Using a wide range oscillator with modern day electronics, it is possible to measure water content in almost every application. 

Rotatable Display for Insert Watercut Electronics

The EASZ-2 FR Insertion Watercut Meter has a rotatable OLED display which is unique by it’s ability to see water content status by color. These displays are an excellent solution for various piping scenarios in metering and oil separator pipelines where they can be rotated  90 degree each way. The units are all explosion proof and can be inserted into a 2-inch or 3-inch flange. 

The Insertion style EASZ-2 Full Range Water in Oil Monitors are designed to measure the water content in larger crude oil pipelines in any range of watercut.

•Range: 0-100%

•6-inch pipe diameters and above

•Explosion Proof Certified.

•Stainless Steel wetted parts.

•Bluetooth option.

•Fully machined part (no welding)

•4-20mA/ Modbus

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