IR - 3000 Series

MoisTech manufactures the diamond standard in moisture measurement and control sensors for both use directly on the production line
and for laboratory use. This allows our equipment to be a staple for a wide range of sectors and disciplines, including adhesives,
biomass, chemical, coatings, food, forest product, minerals, renewable energy, textiles, and wood products. Unsurpassed in performance,
stability, reliability, and cost ownership, the MoisTech series of moisture analysis sensors can increase both the quality and efficiency of the
manufacturing process.

IR-3000 (On-Line Sensor)

With experience in over 5,000 applications globally and thousands of equipment installs, MoistTech represents the Diamond standard in robust, reliable and dependable technology for harsh environment process measurement and precise product control. Production efficiency improvements due to accurate real-time measurements provide both energy savings and potential increased productivity with lower material losses. 

IR-3000W On-Line: Wood Products

he flagship sensors providing an on-line moisture analysis for instant, non-contact, measurement of virtually any product and raw material. Unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability, and cost of ownership. Answer to controlling moisture in your product increasing efficiency in your manufacturing line. 

IR-3000F On-Line: Food Products

Accurately measuring the moisture, protein and fat/oil content can have drastic effects on food manufacturing. Having an accurate reading to rely on throughout the food and baking process is one of the most critical components in the industry.

MoisTech manufactures, the standard in moisture analyzers, providing users with an accurate test of the moisture levels in the manufacturer’s raw ingredients which effectively saves purchasing plants a lot of money. MoisTech supply analyzers for the continuous online measurement of protein, fat/oil, sugar, seasonings, caffeine, and other constituents/elements that absorb the NIR beam.

IR-3000C: Converting Products

Series online NIR sensor for instant, non-contact measurement of the Converting and Paper Industry in the most demanding manufacturing environments. Often converting process efficiency is affected by variations in coat weight, inefficient moisture control, thickness, or temperature issues. Provides continuous, reliable readings and is a one-time calibration, maintenance free process adjustments based on real-time measurements. Allowing installation in the most extreme locations. MoisTech’s advanced digital processing, only provides true data for all your converting applications.


MoistTech understands the sensitive nature of tobacco manufacturing when it comes to moisture levels and developed the model 828 tobacco sensor. The durable design provides the capability to endure the extreme conditions of tobacco factories. Utilizing Near-Infrared (NIR) technology allows MoistTech to provide the best solution for moisture control as it provides an instant measurement without coming into contact with the product

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