Dust Monitor

Our dust monitoring devices employ cutting-edge laser technology and particle counting methods to provide accurate readings for particle sizes
such as PM1, PM2.5, and PM10. Using our equipment, you can accurately evaluate dust concentrations, detect potential origins of pollutants,
and apply suitable measures to safeguard staff and reduce environmental repercussions effectively.

Digital Dust Monitor – Model 3444

The Kanomax Digital Dust Monitor measures aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM10. The intake isolates the aerosol sample so that the optics chamber is kept sterile for improved reliability and low maintenance. The unit measures 0.1 to 10µm particle size aerosol contaminants such as fumes, dust, smoke and mists. It is battery-operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometer that gives you real time aerosol mass readings. It is also suitable for clean office settings well as harsh industrial workplaces, construction and environmental sites, and outdoor applications

Piezobalance Dust Monitor – 3520 Series

The unique PIEZOBALANCE DUST MONITOR directly measures particle mass using advanced technology, perfect for oil mist monitoring. The Kanomax 3521 has 4 and 10µm impactors, while the 3522 has a 2.5µm impactor. Unlike standard particle counters, it “weighs” particles by measuring crystal frequency change as particles stick to it, revealing their actual mass.  Provides direct mass concentration of particulates using PIEZOBALANCE technology; ideal especially for oil mist monitoring. 

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