Water samplers

Eastern Energy Services Pte Ltd is a supplier of compact automaticwater sampling systems manufactured in Germany by Ori. The following is an example of a small project where we supplied systems to an application at a Singapore waterworks in the North of Singapore in 2015. 

In this particular application, the user requires samples that are taken from a pipe and also an open channel. The logic is using the proportional to flow method. 

In addition, the water sampler bottles need to be refrigerated and kept at a constant temperature of 4 ° C,

In the situation where water samples are being taken from the water pipe line in North Singapore, it is necessary to use a vacuum pump type sampler. A peristaltic pump can be used in the other applications where the water sample take off point is near the cabinet.

View the video for a complete basic overview of the water sampling systems we support at Eastern Energy Services Pte Ltd in Singapore.


portable water samplers

An ideal portable  wastewater auto sampler which includes all the functions and hazardous areas certification the  user will need in any sewage treatment plant of effluent water application. 


  •  Ready for Ex Zone 1 and 2 areas
  • Selection of options to sample by flow, volume and events
  • Bluetooth  capability which enables event based water sampling tied to measurements of Ph, ORP, conductivity, temperature, water level etc.
  • Communicates using GSM/GPRS enabling remote activation, data logging and data collection


Portable Water Samplers – Refrigerated mobile water sampling systems
Portable Water Samplers – Refrigerated mobile water sampling systems

Portable Water Samplers – Refrigerated mobile water sampling systems.

Automatic mobile sampler for time-, volume-, event- and flow proportional sampling of fluids.

An ability to adapt the automatic sampling

The Cooled  Sampler has an integrated, active cooling unit. The refrigerator  can be powered with camping gas, 230VAC or 12VDC. This covers a wide range of applications which were formerly not possible with other water samplers.

We are suppliers of a range of water monitoring equipment that meets broadening industry. We can supply water samplers with non-contacting liquid detectors, refrigerated samplers for outdoor use and interface them with a range of flowmeters. Water samplers are now widely accepted as an integral component of water quality research (especially for hazardous locations) Industrial pre-treatment compliance, storm water runoff monitoring, combined sewer overflow monitoring and other applications that are tied in with regulatory compliance.

Refrigerated Samplers

Cooling is paramount in water sampling when it is necessary to guarantee the sample preservation even under changing site conditions. 

Portable Refrigerated Samplers

These are mobile solutions  with on-site cooling capability which means it is not necessary to use older methods e.g. ice blocks

Specialty Samplers for Hazardous Areas (ATEX)

Hazardous Locations no longer present a problem as  the systems are completely certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.


We offer you a wide variety of stationary sampling devices. You can choose among vacuum pumps, peristaltic pumps, piston and dosing slider system. We have  various sampling methods and  sampling bottles arrangements. 

water sampling
water monitoring system
water sample system
water sampling

Wireless communication via Bluetooth interface e.g. using Ex probe to start the sampler in case of exceeding pH, O² or conductivity. As a further option the ex-protected GSM/GPRS-modem EMGSM2.2 can be connected to the sampler. This modem is able to communicate right out of the explosive gas-atmosphere!

ATEX-certified according to II 2G IIB T4

Water samplers for continuous  monitoring with self-draining and bottle rinsing. Optionally, the system can be fitted with a detergent  dosing pump or with an additional pump for sample preservation.

Equipped with an industrial cooling unit with 2K-protective coating and a heater for temperature control of the samples to 4 °C +/- 1 °C.