Worldwide Rental or purchase the of the fully certified Zone 0 camera.

Some Applications for the Hazardous Area Camera

  • Tank Cleaning Surveys

  • Mining Applications

  • Manhole Inspections

  • Hazardous Area Observations

We provide short or long term rentals of our Zone 0 camera for use in Hazardous Areas Zone 0 and Zone 1.

Camera Rental Equipment on office includes

  • Controller Box – Ability to connect to an external display through a VGA port.  Data storing in USB.

  • Optional Controller Box – For use in Zone 1 areas. The maximum allowable cable length from the camera to the box is 100M. A choice of a focused or wide angle lens. A perfect tool for temporary inspections. Rather than having to purchase the equipment, we offer a rental option for customers who only need to use the device for a few inspections.

The camera and controller are boxed and shipped to anywhere in the world.

For information on how the devices can be shipped to your part of the world, the costs involved and the availability , please contact Phil Hughes at with your requirements. We will respond within 24 hours. For immediate response please call +65 62841172

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