US01 – Sonic unit

The US01 is a continuous ultrasonic sonic-velocity analyzer designed to be used in conjuction with other Maselli analyzers such as the IB05 and UR24. It enables the measurement of other important process parameters to be made including sugar inversion, alcohol content, real extract and original extract. The US01 is simple to install and can be retrofitted to existing installations.  The most common applications are beer blending processes, production of high gravity beer, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

 URX1 – Intrinsically safe process refractometer

The URX1 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed specifically for hazardous areas up to  Zone 0. Designed for hostile environments with stainless steel construction and IP65 protection. It continuously measures concentration and displays and outputs the result in %, or alternatively °brix. It also features a user programmable scale for specific applications. The URX1 will signal to the process when concentration is outside of product specifications or has reached its target end point.

  • ATEX II 1 G – EEx ia IIB T4
  • Abrasion resistant sapphire prism
  • 316 stainless steel wetted parts (other materials available for corrosive liquids)
  • High temperature and pressure options available
  • Simple mounting direct in-line or in-tank

The URX1 is unaffected by particulates, high viscosity liquids and does not require a bypass loop installation. Mounting fittings are available with various connections including weld ends, flanges, and DIN 11851. In addition to the standard analogue and digital interfaces, Profibus DP is available as an option.

 UR24 – In-line process refractometer

The UR24 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed for simple installation in-line or in a tank or vessel. It continuously measures concentration and displays and outputs the result in Brix or % concentration. It also features a user programmable scale for specific applications. The UR24 will signal to the process when concentration is outside of specifications or has reached its target end point.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Abrasion resistant sapphire prism
  • High resolution CCD optical processing
  • Local concentration display
  • Simple mounting direct in-line or in-tank

The UR24 is unaffected by dissolved gases, entrained air, particulates, high viscosity liquids and does not require a bypass loop installation. Mounting fittings are available with various connections including weld ends, Tri-clamps, flanges, and DIN 11851. In addition to the standard analogue and digital interfaces, Profibus DP is available as an option. 

UR22 – Process refractometer 

The UR22 Brix/Diet analyser is a stand-alone unit designed for simple integration into new and existing processes. It continuously measures regular, no added sugar and sugar free products and displays and outputs the result directly in °Brix or % Diet Standard. The unique optical design of the UR22 provides unrivalled performance on sugar free products and offers a real-time alternative to time consuming manual sampling and laboratory analysis. The UR22 is not affected by the presence of dissolved CO2 or pulp and fibres in the product.

  • Sanitary 316 stainless steel construction
  • High resolution CCD optical system
  • Outputs for control and remote monitoring
  • Simple installation

The UR22 has a local operator display and a 4-20mA output for integration with plant control and monitoring systems. An RS422/485 interface can be used for configuration and connection to a Maselli Multilab system. 

RC24 – Remote control unit 

The RC-24 Remote Controller makes it possible to operate and control in-line Maselli analyzers from a distant location. This is particularly useful when an analyzer is installed in a position which is difficult to get to, or if the analyzer in question is not equipped with a display unit.

The RC-24 is connected to the analyzer by an RS485 serial interface and has the capability to repeat the same displays and commands found on the unit installed in-line. This allows the operator to behave as if they were acting directly on the analyzer itself.

Main functions of the RC-24

The features of the unit include :

  • RS485 serial connection to a Maselli analyzer for displaying in-line measurement data, performing calibration adjustments, setting operating parameters and monitoring analyzer diagnostics.
  • RS485 serial connection to a PC with a dedicated software package for the acquisition, processing and display of in-line measurement data.
  • Auxiliary RS485 serial connection which can be configured for PROFIBUS DP or ETHERNET/IP communication using optional interface modules.
  • Capability of directly measuring and displaying data from an in-line pH probe.
  • The ability to measure and display external process variables such as temperature, via programmable analogue input channels.
  • Provision of two programmable analogue output channels (0…20mA or 4…20mA).
  • Two programmable alarm output contacts.
  • Two programmable digital inputs.

The RC-24 can be installed in two different ways :

  • Panel mounting
  • Wall mounting 

OD01 – Waste water monitor 

The OD-01 analysis system provides continuous COD trend monitoring of effluent discharge from beverage production plants. It measures effluent where the organic content derives primarily from sugars.

The COD value is calculated using a proprietary algorithm based on individual measurements of refractive index, pH and conductivity. This provides a reliable analysis solution that is faster and more economical than complex, conventional methods that use chemical reagents.

The OD-01 is designed to operate reliably in typical effluent plant environments without the need for continual maintenance or adjustments.

It comprises the following components :

  • UR24 digital refractometer
  • DP01 prism cleaning system
  • pH measurement system
  • Conductivity measurement system
  • MR02 calculation and management unit
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Hydraulic cabinet

The analyser is a stand-alone system designed to be connected to a submersible pump in the effluent flow or sump. Effluent is then circulated through the self-contained analysis unit. Analyzer cleaning and pump flushing cycles are controlled automatically. The analyzer can be installed on the effluent water outlet of a specific process or on the main collection manifold.

The following hook-ups are required for operation of the OD- 01 analysis system :

  • Electrical power supply
  • Compressed air supply
  • Water supply

Measurement data is available via 4-20mA analogue outputs and a digital communications interface. The system can be programmed with alarm thresholds to signal high COD effluent values.The system will also interface with the Maselli Multilab data acquisition system. This provides real-time data and trend displays with data storage for historical analysis and reporting.

MR02 – Multiparametric receiver 

The MR02 is a multi-parameter data processing unit designed to interface with a range of Maselli analyzers. It provides a unified user interface for display, configuration  and calibration of various measured parameters.

General Specifications :

  • CPU control unit with microprocessor with management software on Flash, updateable using a PC; dialog, programming and interfaceability with Analysis Units by means of RS485 serial port.
  • Scratchproof polyester keyboard with dome-shaped keys and preforming.
  • Measurement indication, software menu display, diagnostics menu, error messages and indicating icons of the operating status, by means of a 240×128 points backlit graphic LCD with “LCD Saving” function.
  • 3-level programming software with password protection, Check and Help menus.
  • Choice of five languages (Italian, English, German, Spanish, French) for the display of menus and messages.
  • Process temperature expressed in “°C” or in “°F” and pressure in “kg/cm2″or “psi”.

Possibility, at any moment, to save and recall many recipes containing the set of production parameters.

IB05 – Beverage analysis system 

The Maselli IB05 system has been developed over many years of experience and collaboration with the international soft drinks industry. The IB05 measures continuously in-line the concentration and carbonation of regular, no added sugar and diet products.

Optional measurements include sugar inversion, % alcohol and dissolved oxygen. Designed for reliable operation in the demanding environment of the soft drinks plant, the IB05 can be fully integrated with the blending and filling process.

The IB05 is the heart of the BAS02 monitoring and control system that provides brix and CO2 control, remote display and monitoring, data acquisition, and QA reporting.

BA01 – Beer Analyzer 

The Maselli model BA01 Beer Analyzer consists of a multifunction analysis system installed directly on the process line, and a receiver mounted on the wall, the floor or in a panel. The on-line analysis system continuously measures the refractive index, sound velocity and temperature of the product.

The MR02 receiver uses these measurements to compute the alcohol, real extract and °Plato, displays the values and warns of alarm conditions. The receiver offers both mA and serial outputs, and communicates with Maselli’s optional Mlab data acquisition and remote control software.

The Beer Analyzer incorporates modern technologies, including :

  • Microprocessor-based CPU
  • Powerful I/O card
  • High accuracy refractometer
  • High resolution sonic analyzer

The MR02 receiver membrane faceplate includes a backlit liquid crystal display and input keypad. It is possible to customize each of the system’s functions and alarms in the process area, either from the local keypad or remotely through the RS232/422/485 serial port. The serial output also allows long distance trouble shooting using a personal computer with modem and special software.

The Maselli Beer Analyzer is easily installed on-line using standard sanitary Varivent® fittings.

LR02 – Lab refractometer 

The LR-02 digital refractometer is designed for high performance concentration measurement both in the laboratory and out on the line. Particular attention has been paid to ruggedness and ease of use without any sacrifice of performance and accuracy. This means the LR-02 can be used in the laboratory with complete confidence of analytical accuracy but it will also withstand the rigours of the production environment at operator QC stations.

Using Maselli’s proven high resolution CCD technology the LR-02 provides an unrivalled cost/performance ratio with excellent accuracyand repeatability

  • Wide measurement range (0-95 °Brix).
  • Rugged IP65 stainless steel construction.
  • Simple ‘Easy Start’ operation.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Selectable scales for °Brix, nD, % concentration, HFCS
  • Abrasion resistant sapphire prism.
  • 2 decimal place resolution.
  • Battery power option.

The main applications for the LR02 laboratory refractometer are in the food and drink, chemical, petrochemical and textile industries.

 DR10 – Lab differential refractometer

The DR-10 Easy Diet laboratory analyser is an innovative system for measuring the concentration of diet or sugar-free carbonated soft drinks. A single analyser that for concentration measurement can replace HPLC, spectrophotometry, titration and other manual systems and methods.

The system is simple to use and provides accurate and consistent results without the need for a skilled operator. The analysis cycle is completely automatic and requires no sample preparation. There are no chemical reagents required or routine consumables to be replaced.

While designed for the laboratory the system is rugged enough to be used at-line for fast results for samples taken directly from the line.

  • Displays % Diet Standard, Equivalent total acidity (TA), RD (refractometric degree), Brix.
  • Fast analysis in 5 minutes.
  • Automatic operation.
  • No sample preparation.
  • No reagents or consumables.
  • Replaces routine testing methods such as titration, HPLC, phosphate analysis.
  • Use in the laboratory or at-line.

MLB4 – Beverage supervisor software 

Monitoring, Control, Data Acquisition (UR15 and UR19) and Remote Administration from a laboratory of Beverage Analysis unit(s)(IB01, IB04, IB05, IB06, BA01, UR20-22 and UC05) and “QC20″ Controller Unit(s) in the production of carbonated regular or diet soft drinks, non-carbonated beverages and mineral water in process lines. 

MLAB8 – Beverage supervisor software 

The M8 generation MultiLab is a powerful remote control and data acquisition system used with the Maselli IB series analyzers. It operates on PC based hardware and can be installed  at-line, local to the operator, or in the laboratory.

The characteristic touch-screen interface and series of simplified menus make it quick and easy to use, both by line operators and laboratory personnel. It takes just a few simple steps to begin production, perform calibration or display a graph while data collection and storage proceed or to extract a series of data in .xls. The operator has the line trend, performance levels and any problems under control at all times, without any distractions, as data is clear and easy to read as are the process alarm conditions.

High performance diagnostic software notifies the operator of any problems; the operator need only to press a button to record all the line operating parameters active at that precise moment so that they can be passed on to our technical assistance service to help rectify any problem as quickly as possible. The use of different password levels guarantees traceability of the various operations and minimizes the risk of any unauthorised personnel accessing sensitive data or settings. The various products are stored in the form of recipes which hold all the various parameters characterize the product.

The capability to store up to 999 different recipes offers a large margin of operability for any production site. 

UR62 – Refractometric analyzer 

he UR-62 Digital Refractometer is a process refractometer for continuous in-line measurement of liquid concentration. It has the advantages of being extremely compact, rugged and simple to install, while offering an excellent performance to cost ratio.

The UR-62 is designed for those applications where a continuous concentration measurement is required combined with a 4-20mA output. The output has a resolution of 0.2 brix or concentration equivalent. In addition there are two volt-free alarm contacts that can be set for both concentration value and hysteresis.

The UR-62 is easily set up and configured through a PC or portable computing device using its built in RS485 interface. It can also be connected to the optional RC-24 touch screen operator display unit.A series of special fittings make it quick and easy to install the UR-62 directly into a process line or tank. Construction in 316 stainless steel and a protection rating of IP67 makes it suitable for most process environments.The UR-62 uses a hard wearing spinel prism, a long-life LED light source, CCD optical detection and automatic temperature compensation for reliable, stable, drift-free operation. 

UC05 – Carbonation analyzer 

The UC05 digital carbonation analyser is a stand-alone unit designed for simple integration with existing pipework. It continually measures dissolved CO2 concentration and displays and outputs the result directly in vol/vol or g/l. The UC05 will also signal to the process when carbonation is outside of specification.

  • Simple installation to existing pipework.
  • No consumables required.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Local display.
  • Analogue and digital outputs.
  • Stainless steel IP65 construction

Carbonation is measured by the UC05 in accordance with Henry’s Law that defines the relationship between temperature, pressure and gas solubility.

The UC-05 does not require consumable membranes or a reference gas supply.

SC04 – Grape analysis system 

The Analysis System ” SC04 ” is used to measure the sugar level samples of grapes directly on the probe Sampling by Carro. The analysis unit is installed directly on the coring system are arranged on the spot while the other elements of the system: the receiver multiparametric for managing the system, the processing and transmission of data and a unit print (optional).

SA00 – Multiparametric grape station 

The SA analysis station is a modular analyzer that is supplied in 6 different configurations for the measurement of the following parameters in grape must.

  • SA01 sugar content
  • SA02 sugar content, pH
  • SA03 sugar content, pH, total acidity
  • SA11 sugar content, phenolic quality
  • SA12 sugar content, pH, phenolic quality
  • SA13 sugar content, pH, total acidity, phenolic quality

MT00 – Maturity trend unit 

The determination of the phenolic maturity trend is an essential element in order to manage and determine the correct winemaking technique, considering the importance that the phenolic components such as colour, astringency, body and flavour have on the wine’s final characteristics.

The MT00 unit can measure the same phenolic values found in the laboratory with chemical procedures, having the advantage of  a very simple method, very fast analysis, and without the use of any reagents.

 MK01 – Maturity trend kit

The MK-01 analysis kit is a set of equipment and accessories used for pre-harvest berry analysis in order to follow the ripening process and optimize the grape harvest both technically and logistically. Starting with a grape sample the MK-01 analysis kit is used to prepare a sample, detect the various parameters, record the results and  then display and transmit them to the winery’s Data Processing center.

Parameters Measured

The following parameters need regular monitoring during the ripening process in order to evaluate when the fruit has reached the optimum degree of maturity for the desired wine characteristics :

  • Degrees Brix
  • pH
  • Total Acidity
  • Phenolic Quality
  • Tonality

LR01 – Lab refractometer 

The LR-01 digital laboratory refractometer is designed for high performance off-line concentration measurement. Featuring a wide measurement range of 1.3300 to 1.5177nD the instrument can display its result in selectable scales of nD, °Brix, % concentration and HFCS. In addition to these standard scales the LR-01 can be user programmed with custom scales of nD vs any measured variable. This flexibility is unrivalled and makes the LR-01 suitable for multiple applications within the laboratory.

  • Fast analysis.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Selectable scales for nD, % concentration.
  • Programmable user scales.
  • Multiple analysis modes.
  • Abrasion resistant sapphire prism.
  • Solid state light source.
  • CCD optical processing.
  • Waterproof stainless steel housing.
  • Data port for printer or PC connection.
  • Optional flow cell available.

It’s main fields of application are within industrial laboratories in the food and drink, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and textile sectors.

LM03 – Multiparametric Lab 

The LM03 multiparameter analyser is designed to directly control must, wine/must and wine. 

LA01 – Automatic Lab 

Automatic laboratory for high performance analysis of grapes. Robust stainless steel construction

IF02 – Portable fermentation monitor 

IF01 – Fermentation Monitor 

IF01 – Fermentation Monitor 

The IF01 system has been designed and constructed to monitor fermentation processes for wines 

CC01 – Truck sampler 

Acquisition of grape samples at the reception by means of coring and crushing, and transfer …  

BL01 – Crushed grape monitor 

The BL-01 system for evaluating must (crushed grapes) on delivery, directly measures the characteristic parameters on the transfer line between the grape crusher and the fermenter.

The application of this system can be executed when crushing is performed batch by batch. The system can be configured to analyze 1 to 4 lines. The parameter detected by the BL-01 is the degrees Brix value.