Process Monitoring

Sintrol designs and manufactures particulate matter measurement devices for the domestic and export market. In addition,
Sintrol is focusing on process industry analysis, process protection, measurement, automation, NDT and laboratory equipment.
One of our strengths is our willingness and ability to deliver not only individual devices but also comprehensive solutions that
support our customers’ business.

Sintrol E-SPY

Continous dust monitor for post-ESP applications

Sintrol E-SPY is a real-time dust monitor designed for industrial applications. The device uses triboelectric technology to measure dust concentration, making it suitable for both high and low dust levels. It can be used for a variety of applications, including emissions monitoring, process control, and filter performance monitoring. The E-SPY features a compact design and can be easily installed in pipes or ducts. It is equipped with an LED display for real-time data, and can also be connected to a computer for more detailed analysis and reporting. 

S203 / S203 Ex Dust Monitor

Trend monitor with 4-20 mA output for continuous dust measurement

Sintrol S203/S203 Ex is a dust monitor designed for continuous particulate measurement in industrial processes. It uses the unique Inductive Electrification principle to detect and measure dust concentrations in a wide range of applications. The S203/S203 Ex is easy to install, with minimal maintenance requirements and can operate in hazardous areas. It has a robust design and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The device provides accurate real-time measurement of dust concentrations, and the user interface displays the results in mg/m3 or 4-20 mA

S201 / S201 Ex Dust Monitor

On/Off Switch for filter leak detection

Sintrol S201/S201 Ex is a dust monitor designed to measure dust concentration levels in industrial processes. It utilizes the principle of triboelectric measurement to detect changes in the electric charge generated by particles passing through a probe. This data is then converted into dust concentration levels and displayed on the device’s interface. The S201/S201 Ex is suitable for use in hazardous areas, with the Ex version designed for use in explosive environments. It is compact and easy to install, making it ideal for monitoring dust levels in a variety of industrial applications.

S303 / 303 Ex Dust Monitor

Trend monitor with 4-20 mA output for continuous dust measurement

Sintrol S303/S303 Ex is an optical dust monitor designed for continuous monitoring of particulate matter in industrial stacks and ducts. It uses the triboelectric principle to detect and measure the concentration of dust particles in real-time. The device is suitable for use in hazardous areas, as it is available in an ATEX certified Ex version. It has a compact and robust design, with a weather-resistant enclosure and integrated electronics. 

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