Moisture Sensors

In this configuration, the moisture sensor was supplied with a rail system to allow the moisture sensor to move backwards and forwards over the width of the material being measured at high speed. The sensor will continually analyse the moisture content by near infrared technology. There are great advantages using online moisture measurement which enables operators to ensure product quality not just from laboratory moisture samples but by real time measurement


Moisture Sensors
MoistTech are well known for their moisture sensors and applying them to a myriad of applications, not only for the measurement of moisture but also assisting clients on  other measurements like coating thickness, resin content, oil, protein, fat, nicotine, sugar, seasonings, plastic film thickness and many other constituents.

MoistTech is the world leader in NIR moisture measurement technology for Instant On-line, Off-line and Laboratory moisture instrumentation. Our MoistTech, near infrared(NIR) gauges and sensors, provide the most accurate and repeatable measurements existing for your manufacturing and quality control process.  
Moisture Sensors
Moisture Sensors

Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height and color, MoistTech moisture sensors provide continuous, reliable readings. Our sensors are one time calibration, maintenance free with a non-drift optical design allowing operating personnel to confidently make immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements.

With over 30 years of moisture analyzer and transmitter experience we understand the savings and potential increase with improved productivity. This is why we have developed our maintenance free, non-drift design with an unbeatable promise of customer satisfaction. 

  • Tobacco 
  • Human Foods
  • Animal Foods
  • Snack Foods
  • Wood Products
  • Paper
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Renewable Energy
  • Textiles
Moisture Sensors
Moisture Sensors

Other applications include:

Moisture meters for FOOD 

Moisture content in cereal, coffee, tea, milk powder, cheese, crackers, animal food, citrus pulp, spent grain, chocolate, potato powder and granules, beet pulp, sugar, soya bean, corn meal.

Moisture Meters for PAPER PROCESSING

Moisture content in paper, converting, coating, remoisturizing, corrugating control, pressure sensitive, coatings, hot melts, wax coatings, plastic film thickness, carbonless, coastings

Moisture meters for WOOD PRODUCTS

Moisture content of medium density, fibreboard (MDF) Oriented Strandboard (OSB) particle board, fiberboard, hardboard, flakeboard, wood shavings, raw material, hog fuel, bark, resin, coating measurement

Moisture meters for PHARMACEUTICALS

Moisture content of powder, pellets, tablets, vacuum dryers, spray dryers, coatings, 

Moisture meters for CHEMICALS AND MINERALS

Moisture content of Detergents, soap powder, soap flakes, minerals, ceramics, crumb rubber, PVB sheet, laminated glass, PVC, cellulose, acetate, bauxite, plastic chips, plastic powders, iron ore, cement, foundry, sand, fiber glass, chalk, crushed coal, sinter mix