H2 & Binary Gas Analyzer

PST offer a range of hydrogen (H2) and binary gas analyzers utilising the thermal conductivity property of gases to determine the concentration
of a Target Gas (hydrogen for example) within a known Background Gas such as oxygen, nitrogen or argon. These analyzers are
ideal measurement of binary gas mixes in applications such as hydrogen production, hydrogen cooled generators, H2 injection into Natural Gas,
Refinery processe

Binary Gas Analyzer - LDetek LD8000-TCD

Thermal Conductivity-Based Gas Monitoring

The LD8000-TCD analyzer offers direct and continuous measurements of a gas component in a binary gas mixture. It is a compact, rack-mountable unit for industrial & laboratory use. It uses a Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) enabling measurements in the ppm to % measurements for binary gas mixtures.

Measurements of one component in more complex gas mixtures is also achievable when the background gases have the same ratio to each other or have similar thermal conductivity values.

Integrated Gas Chromatograph System - LDetek HyDetek

For Easy Automotive AC System Refrigerant Service

An all in one unit for measuring trace impurities(ppb/ppm) N2-Ar-HeO2-CH4-CO-CO2- NMHC-sulfurs-formaldehyde-ammonia-halogenated-formic acid and water in hydrogen. The unit is capable of meeting the ultra-high purity requirements for hydrogen used in fuel cells as set out in ISO 14687.

​The HyDetek system uses a combination of LDetek’s plasma emission detector, thermal conductivity detector and a quartz crystal moisture sensor to measure all critical impurities. It is suitable for use in electrolysis systems producing green hydrogen as well as steam methane reforming processes and grey hydrogen.


Michell XTC501 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

Hydrogen, Binary Gas and Gas Mixtures Measurement

A lightweight and compact binary gas analyzer for measuring gas mixtures – such as air in argon or carbon dioxide in air. Suitable for installation in safe areas the XTC501 has a tough, IP55-rated housing. Available with an optional display and 4-button interface, the analyzer is easy to install, configure and operate.

Because the thermal conductivity sensor has no consumable parts and will last the lifetime of the analyzer, XTC501 has a competitively low lifetime cost of ownership and is simple to maintain.

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