Portable Area Gas Monitor

Portable Area Gas Monitors


Clear optical and acoustic warning

Even from a distance, the illuminated green LED ring indicates that the air is free of toxic and combustible gases.

Upon detection of gas hazards, the LED colour changes from green to red, thus providing a clear visual warning that gas is present. Additionally, a loud and highly audible evacuation alarm is emitted. The X-zone 5500 gas entry is arranged so that the gas can diffuse into the X-am 5600 from all sides.

Area Gas Monitors with wireless fence line and worldwide wireless alarming

Portable Area Gas Monitors

The X-zone Com Area Gas Monitors (Complete Sets) can be extended with up to 15pcs. of X-zone 5500. Every X zone 5500 portable gas monitoring system has an integrated radio module and can be automatically interconnected to each other to build up a wireless fence line. This interconnection of the area gas monitoring devices allows for the fast securing of larger areas, e.g. pipelines or industrial tanks – even within the scope of industrial shutdowns.

If an X-zone 5500 portable gas detection monitors have a gas alarm, the alarm signal is transmitted to all interconnected units immediately. Every connected daughter unit shows with red/green flashing LED the alarms in contrast to the red flashing master alarm.

This allows a simple recognition of alarm status and the actual location of the hazard. All maximum gas concentration values of the whole wireless fence line are transmitted to the ORI X-zone Com device. The Device is logging all these data and sent them out, together with the GPS Position, via email or directly to the ORI Mcloud.

The area gas alarms can also be sent out via GSM Message directly to your mobile phone. You can also set an evacuation alarm by sending a GSM message to the ORI X-zone Com device. So from every location in the world you can be informed and react about the status of your air monitoring.

Area Gas Monitors for mobile or stationary use

The ORI X-zone Com (complete set) is basically designed as a gas area monitoring equipment for temporarily use. The integrated rechargeable battery allows the use of the mobile unit without any additional external power supply for several days.

Outside the hazardous explosive gas atmospheres it can be also powered over an external power supply and it can be used as a long term stationary gas area monitoring device with integrated alarm light and horn.

Also within hazardous areas the X-zone Com Device battery can be charged with the corresponding Ex charger. This allows continuous operation of the X-zone Com, even in explosive atmospheres. If two X-zone 5500 units alternately connected with the X-zone Com, a stationary solution is created. The unconnected X-zone 5500 will be charged outside the hazardous area.

Flexible use because of the modular design

Portable Area Gas Monitors

The X-zone Com (complete set) consists of the ORI X-zone Com Device, the Dräger X-zone 5500 and X-am 5600 system. For all customers who wants to have the biggest flexibility for the use, the X-zone Com (complete set) is the perfect solution.

You can use it as a stationary or mobile area gas monitoring system or you can use the compact and light weight X-am 5600 itself as a personal multi gas detector which can be worn for example on your belt.

Compact robust and water tight gas alarming

Portable Area Gas Monitors

All parts of the ORI X-Zone Com (complete set) are water and dust resistant according to IP 67 standards (IEC 529/VDE 047 T1). This means that the detector remains fully functional and ready for use even after being dropped into water.

The integrated rubber protection and shock-proof sensors provide additional resistance to impact and vibration. Moreover it is resistant to electromagnetic interference.

Powerful gas sensors with flexible exchange

Portable Area Gas Monitors

Up to 6 gas sensors reliably measures combustible gases and vapours as well as O2 and harmful concentrations of O3, Cl2 , CO, CO H2 - CP, CO2, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3 , NO, NO2, PH3, SO2, COCl2, organic vapours, Odorant and Amine. It is easy to exchange, upgrade or calibrate the sensors to other gases.
The ability to customize the integrated X-am 5600 sensors makes a lot of different applications possible.

It also provides dependable warnings in the event of explosive atmospheres thanks to the high level of sensitivity of the innovative catalytic Ex sensor. It not only responds quickly to explosive gases and combustible organic vapours, but is also highly resistant against sensor poisons such as silicone and hydrogen sulphide.

In combination with its long term stability this offers an extraordinary long expected sensor lifetime of more than 4 years. This will reduce your operational costs.
One ORI X-zone Com Device can be connected to 15 different X-Zone 5500 systems, so in total over 12 different sensor parameters can be detected and transferred wireless to different receivers.

Gas Area monitoring – even with a pump

Portable Area Gas Monitors

An optional integrated pump allows for continuous monitoring of areas during pump operation.

This provides continuous monitoring of confined spaces and locations which are difficult to access – from a distance of up to 45 m (150 ft).

Bluetooth local access

Portable Area Gas Monitors

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GPS-localization gas monitoring

Portable Area Gas Monitors

The ORI X-zone Com Device is equipped with a GPS sensor. Every time the logger is activated, or periodically by time defined by the user, the Device will start a location determination.

These GPS data are shown in the Manager Software can be sent by SMS and email or directly to the ORI Mcloud.

Easy to use the ORI Manager Software

Portable Area Gas Monitors

For setting of the ORI X-zone Com Device you can use the included Manager Software. With this software you can easily define the settings of the logger, SMS/email alarm, members and activate the data sent out to the ORI Mcloud.

The connection can be made via Bluetooth or by using a RS232 / USB cable. Furthermore, all currently measured maximum values are displayed within the Manager Software, from all clustered X-zone's.

Worldwide communication with the GSM/GPRS Module

Portable Area Gas Monitors

The ORI X-zone Com evaluates and records all maximum gas readings of up to 15 coupled X-zone 5500 devices. As each X-zone 5500 may be equipped with up to six different sensors, it is possible to record, log and transmit up to 12 different sensor values at a time.

By means of the integrated ATEX / IECEX certified GSM / GPRS module, this data can be send now periodically or in alarm / event case, by email (with a special compressed data-appendix) or directly to the ORI Mcloud.

Further, various alarm and status messages can be forwarded to different recipients by SMS. Also an active query or the activation / deactivation of an evacuation alarm is possible via GSM-Message. A security pin code regulates the permitted communication options.

ORI Mcloud

Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors


The user controls inside a web browser via the World Wide Web, without additional software, the device status and the measurement trends of every registered ORI X-zone Com device. An export function allows the download of the selected data as a CSV-file to your PC for local editing. Measurements of different devices and different measurement locations can be grouped shown at a glance. Very easy from anywhere where you have an internet access.

With the help of the transmitted GPS position data and the integrated map features, you get a good overview of the status of the used equipment. Depending on the device type, different icons are displayed on the map or the aerial photography according to their position. Different colours signal the current status of the device. In case of an alarm, the icon colour changes from green to red. A mouse-click on the device icon is sufficient to open a small pop-up window with the last measurement value.

Combination of gas, water and camera area surveillance systems.

Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors

ORI also offers different products for water analysing, water sampling and camera area control.
This gives you the possibility to have an overview of nearly all environmental parameters. In case for example of a tanker accidents with hazardous cargo you can built up a fence line with the ORI X zone Complete Set.

Extended with the ORI Mlog multi-probe in combination with the ORI BasicEx1 sampler, it is also possible to detect water pollution caused by leaking cargo liquids or polluted fire water in surrounding wells, channels or open waters. With the automatic water sampler long term samples can be taken time- , flow-, volume or event controlled in different single bottles for laboratory analysis.

These collected samples can be used for laboratory analysis or for court evidence. The Mlog can be equipped with up to 3 different water analytic sensors simultaneously, like pH with ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen and water level.

Because not all parameters can be recorded online, often samples are necessary as evidence. Therefore, additionally ATEX certified automatic waste water samplers (type Basic Ex1 mobil) are installed at major transfer points.

The sampler takes samples time-controlled and distributes them to single bottles, which can be analysed in the laboratory afterwards. The sampling can be started automatically by using the Mlog with a limit value violation setting or via SMS.
When which samples were collected can be seen from the data protocol, transmitted by email or directly transmitted to the Mcloud.

The ATEX certified camera system (explosion proof camera) Morpheus also offers the possibility of an event controlled image transfer to the ORI Mcloud. Thus, areas can be visually monitored.

With all these environmental data (gas, water, optical) transferred and displayed as curves and position data on the Mcloud, the control center receives a good overview of the quasi online submitted environmental data.

Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors

ORI Switch OFF-Box

Cuts immediately the connected electric power.
E.g. during hot work operations with non Ex protected equipment

ORI Switch ON-Box

Portable Area Gas Monitors

to activate external equipment’s like:

  • Traffic lights
  • External horns
  • Ventilators