Battery Operated Data Logger for Hazardous Areas

The data logger is certified for use in Zone 1 applications where data from certified sensors can be stored (130,000 sets of data) and transmitted using various communication methods. 

The Ex data logger has a rugged design and is protected to IP67. Battery powered with an OLED display, it is ready for GPS localization and wireless communication using BT/GSM, SMS, Email and cloud applications.

Various ex sensors can be supplied together with the hazardous area data logging/transmission module. These could include temperature sensors, pH sensors, ORP, conductivity, 02, C02, radar level, pressure meters and gas sensors.

Application Example:

There are numerous application examples where operators want to measure a parameter in a hazardous area (Zone 1) 

Lets take the measurement of temperature as an example. Maybe it is necessary that a point or points in the plant are exhibiting unacceptable temperature fluctuations in the Zone 1 area and action is necessary to monitor the temperature immediately over a period of time without having to install something permanently . Combining our temperature sensor along with the Ex logger solves this issue immediately without having to issue special permits.

Lets say you would like to know surface temperature of a pipe in a Zone 1 area over a period of time. In this case, it is simply a matter of taking the portable Ex logger along with the associated sensor and you will be able to not only measure the temperature but log it and transit the data over a wireless communication system. We are able to provide this solution as a complete package ‘ready to go”