High Quality coating gauges from Sonatest UK

For best results and reliability on coating thickness measurements, we supply a range of the highest quality instruments manufactured in the UK by Sonatest. Please consult with us if you require assistance on coating gauge selection since each gauge has been designed for specific applications.

Sonacoat P gauge

Sonacoat P coating thickness gauge 

The Sonacoat P provides fast, non-destructive, accurate coating measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals. It is not only paintwork thickness and other coatings you can measure. You can also obtain valuable information concerning the coating structure, such as paint top coats or body fillers. When measured thickness value clearly exceeds the standard paintwork thickness, this would indicate the use of filler material for repair work or repainting. Ideal for car dealers in Singapore, paint shops in Singapore and local inspectors

Sonacoat P is a coating thickness gauge that protects your surface. It does not damage or scratch and no grinding is required.

In the application of digital coating thickness measurement there are two field proven inspection methods; the Magnetic method and the Eddy Current method, (DIN EN ISO 2178 and 2360).

The Sonacoat P coating thickness gauge uses both these methods offering the same degree of high precision, even with the thinnest coatings, allowing measurement on steel as well as on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium. Just position the probe and selection is automatically made

Sonacoat Easy F Gauge

Sonacoat Easy F Gauge for paint thickness & coating 

The Sonacoat Easy F measures the thickness of coatings on steel up to 1.4 mm. Ideal for Paint and powder coatings, Paint Shops, Automotive and Ship Building e.g. verification of zinc coatings under paintwork.

The Sonacoat Easy F is a coating thickness gauge with an integral probe; optimized for simple applications, providing reliable results, with minimal set up requirements or training.
Fast, precise measurements are achieved with greater accuracy on flat, rough and curved surfaces.

Sonacoat Easy FN gauge

Sonacoat Easy FN coating gauge  

The Sonacoat Easy FN measures the thickness of coatings for all materials. Ideal for Paint and powder coatings, Paint shops, Automotive and ship building. The Sonacoat is designed for fast, practical and accurate non destructive coating thickness measurement. A dual purpose innovative gauge used for measurement on steel and non-ferrous metals with automatic substrate recognition, activating the appropriate measuring procedure.

The Sonacoat Easy FN is coating thickness gauge with an integral probe; optimized for simple applications, providing reliable results, with minimal set up requirements or training.

Fast, precise measurement are achieved with great accuracy on flat, rough and curved surfaces.

The Soncoat Easy FN model Also measures non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metals with automatic substrate recognition.

Sonacoat III gauge

Sonacoat III film and coating thickness measurement 

The Sonacoat III is compact and lightweight with multifunctional menu driven performance for fast, practical and precise Coating Thickness Measurement with separate exchangeable probes. It can be used for all types of varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron and steel as well as varnish, paint and anodizing coatings on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steels.

The Sonacoat III is suitable both for the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions. The IP52 rating gives protection against dust and dripping water. Never has gauge operation been so clear and so straightforward!

Wide range of transducers are available for universal and special measurement tasks.

Data processing is straightforward and fast. No cables are required - data can be transferred to a notebook or other equipment via an infrared interface. There is no worry about connector damage, no time wasted in attaching cables.

Three models of the Sonacoat III are available.

Sonacoat III FN 1.5 includes a general purpose, non-detachable probe for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

Sonacoat III S uses detachable probes. A range of probes are available to cover a wide variety of requirements.

Sonacoat III Pro The Pro has enhanced data logging (up to 10,000 readings) and statistical analysis