Thickness Gauge
Thickness Gauge

Gauge Description:

Ultrasonic thickness gauge suppliers. Ex-Stock Singapore - Immediate Delivery. Used to measure wall thickness, sheet metal or plastic thickness. For information on how to use the TG-11 thickness gauge to measure steel and plastic thickness and other sonically conductive materials, please see the video instructions at the bottom of this page. This is a standard type ultrasonic thickness gauge but there are many types of thickness gauges available for special applications.

Please view precision thickness gauges for non standard and special application thickness measurements.

For a coating thickness gauge, paint thickness gage and thin film coating gauges,please specifically mention in your request that the application is for coating thickness and not our standard thickness gauges.

The EES TG 11 is an easy to use standard industrial type ultrasonic thickness gauge. It uses the transit time ultrasonic wave propagation principle to measure the thickness of materials of several types including metals, plastics or any sonically conductive materials. The probe acts as a sender and receiver of a 5 MHz ultrasonic signal and an internal counter calculates the time taken for the signals sending and receiving through the solid being measured. The EES TG 11 can be set at different acoustic velocities depending on the material beingmeasured. The instruction book includes a table of acoustic velocities for some of the commonly used materials. In the absence of the acoustic velocity of the material being measured, it is still possible to measure materials of this kind if a representative sample is available of a known thickness. 


  • ƒ High measuring range 1.0mm…300.0mm
  • ƒ Built in calibration test block 
  • ƒ Small and light weight 
  • ƒ Metric & imperial version available.
  • ƒ Easy operation

Typical Applications:

  • ƒ Access wall thickness of material due to corrosion.
  • ƒ Wall thickness measurements of hard materials, piping, sheet metal, construction materials
  • ƒ Hull plates and metallic surfaces
  • ƒ General inspection of metals including steel, cast iron, 
  • ƒ Thickness of  aluminium, copper, brass, titanium sheet metal, tanks, ship metal, ship hull 
  • ƒ Inspection of piping systems 
  • ƒ Inspection of glass, ceramics and hard plastics

Technical Specifications:

  • Range: 1.0mm…300mm
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Display: 4 digit LCD 
  • Accuracy: ±0.1mm (up to 60mm)
  • ±0.3% (above 60mm)
  • Battery: Two AA sized cells. Up to 20hours operation.
  • Dimensions: 65 W x 125 H x 30 D mm
  • Operating temperature: 0…50 °C
  • Calibration block: ±0.2mm Steel
  • Auto Power Off: within 3 minutes.

Video Instructions on how to operate an ultrasonic thickness gauge by EESGROUP Singapore. From this video presentation, it will be easier to understand how an ultrasonic thickness gauge works in practice. There are tables in the manual which are published sonic velocities or certain materials e.g. plastics and metals but it is also possible to measure the sonic velocity of an unknown material and use this information to calibrate the thickness gauge for those particular materials.


Other thickness gauge applications include: 

Check for corrosion on ship structures including shell plastes and bulkheads 

Preventative maintenance and quality checks for bridges , street lighting and steel columns

Metal thickness monitoring on cranes, marine vessels, marine structures and conveying systems

Metal thickness safety checks on steam and pressurised water systems, transportable gas containers and compressed air systems

Quality assurance metal thickness checks

Wall thickness and corrosion monitoring of storage tanks, process vessels and road tankers.