Technology for FAME production

Biodiesel Plant Construction


  • Batch processing unit with a capacity of 6.000 or 12.000 t/year
  • Low investment costs
  • Top production quality
  • Ease of operation
  • Capacity can be raced quickly and easily
  • Technology for FAME production

    How is biodiesel made?

    Rapeseed oil chemically reacts with methanol in the presence of a catayst (potassium hydroxide). The process is called transesterification The oil's triglycerides react to formesters and glycerol, which are then separated from each other and purified. The ester product varies by name (Biodiesel; RME - rape methyl ester, etc) but very little by nature - carbon plus hydrogen plus oxygen.

    Biodiesel is very similar to diesel fuel. Its viscosity is only twice that of diesel fuel and its molecular weight is roughly 1/3 that of vegetable oil. Because of its oxygen content it is a very clean fuel, producing 50% less carbon waste than petrodiesel, together with less nitrogenandcarbonmonoxides. Glycerine (also used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and in other products) is a byproduct.

    What is biodiesel?

    Biodiesel is a renewable diesel fuel substitute that is made by chemically combining rapeseed oil with methanol. Biodiesel is available in both its pure form(100%biodiesel, also known as B100) and in blends with petroleum diesel fuel. Biodiesel properties are very similar to conventional diesel. Emission properties, however, are better with biodiesel than with conventional diesel fuel.

    Technology for FAME production

    Biodiesel specifications:

    Technology for FAME production
    Technology for FAME production

    VAE CONTROLS offers
    Complete project implementation, including design, installation, plant startup, testing and training.

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    VAE CONTROLS is an engineering, designing and software company focused on:

    technology, loading , measuring, electrical and control systems for fuel terminals telemetrical and SCADA systems for water networks, water treatment and sewage works equipment for power plants etc..

    Biodiesel plant in Sered, Slovak Republic