Constant Pressure Sampling Cylinder Repair & Replacement


Eastern Energy Services is a stockist of constant pressure sampling cylinders in Singapore. We are also the most experienced company in the region when it comes to piston type constant pressure sampling cylinders because of our many years of experience in refurbishing and repairing constant pressure sampler receivers.
Simply call us and arrange to have your cylinders sent to our facility for an inspection check and repair estimate.

How the Eastern Energy repair system works?

We will send you a form asking some questions about the constant pressure cylinders e.g Brand Type, Gas Type.  volume Pressure Rating - and the service they are currently being used on along with other cylinder specifications e.g Welker Constant Pressure Sample Cylinder, Gas, 500cc,1800 psig MAOP


Hand valves and relief valves installed on sample cylinders should be checked to see if they are the proper working pressure and non reactive with the fluid being sampled. Proper maintenance of these valves is important because of the problems that can occur if the cylinder should leak. Any leaks at any time create a sample which is not representative of the flow. All sample cylinders must be in a container that will protect both the valves and the cylinder from damage or loss of the sample when it is transported This is a requirement of the department of transportation The sample should also be accompanied by a properly completed department of transportation shipping form Improper transportation is a safety hazard as well as a violation of the law When taking a gas or natural gas liquid sample.Three critical areas must be controlled: 1.Pressure 2. Expansion 3. Stratification Firstly ,pressure must be controlled to collect the sample without allowing the composition to change. If back pressure is not maintained, the light ends might flash. Flashing occurs when the pressure changes creating a two-phase sample and altering the composition of the sample If the pressure is allowed to rise, it can also ruptured the relief valve and part or all of the sample can be lost. Expansion occurs as the ambient temperature of the sample increases Problems with expansion usually occur with NGL samples. This could be a safety hazard of the sample has no room to expand within the sample cylinder The end result could be a ruptured cylinder which could explode like a bomb! To allow for expansion, outage is usually needed for NGL samples. Outage simply refers to creating a space within the sample cylinder by bleeding off displacement fluid. One final problem which can occur with sampling is stratification Mixtures of hydrocarbons if left long enough, in a sample cylinder, will stratified or layer A sample drawn off the stratified cylinder produces an inaccurate sample And therefore the cylinder must be mixed before samples are drawn. Furthermore, the sample cylinder should be analyzed as soon after sampling as possible. In order to collect an accurate sample, a proper sample point must be located in a section of the pipeline that has a constant flow and minimum turbulence. 

Eastern Energy Services Pte Ltd has often been called upon for advice on "Best Sampling Practices" for gas and liquids. For a fee, we conduct 3 days seminars which introduce new employees of oil and gas companies to the world of sampling. Training seminars can be held in our own premises with a maximum of 30 people in attendance. In 2012, Eastern Energy Services conducted four intense training sessions for Brunei Shell which involved the practical theory of sampling, standards, service and maintenance.

We can perform an initial inspection and a subsequent pressure test. A report on the status of the constant pressure sampling containers will be sent to your company along with our recommendations on the overall physical and mechanical functionality of the products. Upon client receiving this data, a decision can be made on how to proceed. Most repair work includes cleaning and replacing of parts such as o-rings, seals, burst discs and replacing faulty gauges. In instances where cylinders are beyond repair, we can replace them with our local stock of cylinders or quick ship a brand new constant pressure cylinder so that it will be ready by the time the repairs on the other cylinders are complete.