Moisture Oxygen Analysers
Moisture Oxygen Analysers
Process Oxygen analysers

Unsurpassed accuracy & flexibility The EC900 (Electrochemical sensor), PM700 (Paramagnetic sensor) and ZR800 (Zirconia) oxygen analysers are the ideal solution for demanding on-line operating conditions. Offering long life, maintenance free sensors these highly advanced instruments incorporate user-friendly software to customise the analyser to meet your requirements.

Moisture Oxygen Analysers
Ideal for applications including:
  • High purity gas production
  • Hydrocarbon refining
  • Electron beam curing
  • Ultraviolet curing Reflow/Wave soldering
  • Solder powder production
  • Semiconductor furnaces
  • Heat treating/annealing
  • Alloys & powdered metals
  • Vessel blanketing
  • Contact lens manufacturing
  • Food packaging • Glass fibre optics
  • Inert gas welding
  • Controlled environments
  • R&D • Glove boxes
Moisture Oxygen Analysers
Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

For the continuous monitoring of confined spaces, inert storage areas or where low or high levels of oxygen may pose a hazard. The EC96 has two adjustable alarms to give early warning of changes in oxygen levels. Ideal for applications including:

  • Breweries
  • Soft drink plants
  • CO2 storage
  • Nitrogen plants
  • Enclosed work areas
  • Welding installations
  • Fruit storage installations
Moisture Oxygen Analysers

Atex approved analysers

Certified analyser for all hazardous areas

The EC91 can detect levels of oxygen as low as 1ppm, up to high percent levels and can be used on most industrial gases and atmospheres. Ideal for applications including:
  • Monitoring inert blanketing gas in oil and petrochemical applications
  • Inert gases and hydrogen
  • Gas purity
  • Glove boxes
  • Oxygen deficiency monitoring
  • Metallurgy
  • Gas line monitoring

“Installing the EC913 for detecting oxygen in our heat treating / annealing furnaces has resulted in nitrogen cost savings” Manufacturer and supplier of precious metals

Moisture Oxygen Analysers
Trace & Percentage analyser

Suitable for hazardous environments, the EC92DIS can detect levels of oxygen as low as 1ppm up to high percent levels. Operation is made easy by the internal sampling system. Ideal for applications including:

  • Offshore
  • Gas purity checking
  • Hydrogen plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical
  • Centrifuges
Moisture Oxygen Analysers
Moisture Analysers 

Absolute measurement for moisture

 Our MM400 and MM500 moisture analysers and dew point hygrometers offer maintenance free, reliable and stable moisture analysis in process gas measurement from trace levels to ambient air conditions. Ideal for applications including:

  • Industrial specialty gases
  • Heat treating furnaces
  • Air dryers
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Compressed Air
  • Natural gas
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Inert atmosphere blanketing
  • Metallurgy
Moisture Oxygen Analysers
Binary Gas Analysers

Measurement of gas combinations

 The 542 is a versatile, programmable gas analyser based on the principle of thermal conductivity. It is capable of measuring many combinations of gases. Ideal for applications including:

  • Gas mixing
  • Welding gases
  • Heat treatment atmospheres
  • Hydrogen / helium purity
  • Food packaging gases


“The most important element in the system, the 542 programmable hydrogen gas analyzers are proving to be a key component in the development of the process for the safe decontamination of reactor system components.” Consultant Engineer, Nuclear Reactor

Permeation Analyser

Modular systems for precision oxygen analysis of packaging film barriers.

The 8001 is a versatile and easy to operate oxygen permeation analyzer with 2 stations for testing films or packages.  Offering the highest quality coulometric oxygen sensor in the market with the lowest replacement cost, this instrument provides extremely fast purge down times and accurate readings at the lowest levels.  With widest measurement range in the market, this analyzer can be used for research and development permeation testing and has the speed required for use in Quality Control testing.

The 8001 oxygen permeation analyzer offers precision temperature, humidity and flow control providing consistent and repeatable test conditions. With a wide sample temperature range and a controllable Relative Humidity range, this oxygen permeability tester is able to provide the fastest changeover from wet to dry sample runs.

Expansion modules are available for up to twelve simultaneous oxygen permeation measurements to increase testing throughput.

Headspace Gas analysers

Oxygen and Carbon dioxide headspace Gas analyser Gaspace Advance

For the most advanced features in headspace gas analysis, the Gaspace Advance offers automatic calibration, diagnostics and control which ensures that the instrument is always performing to its highest degree of accuracy - essential for HACCP compliance.

This carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) headspace analyzer provides consistently reliable results and simplicity in operation allowing you to maximise your production efficiency. Its large buttons and clear display ensures testing is simple, errors are eliminated and no special operator training is required.

Numerous packs can be tested quickly with just one button press, saving time and making Quality Assurance more efficient. These gas analyzers can test all pack sizes and very low volumes.

Rigid cans and jars can also be tested using the simple-to-use can piercing station which supports the cans and jars for accurate analysis using a standard needle probe. A 45° Adaptor is also available to aid measurement of small volumes of headspace.

There are a variety of ways to perform analysis; Timed Tests, AutoSense, Peak/Valley, Syringe Direct Injection or Continuous Testing. Fast configuration and selection provides the test method which is best for you. Easy to see Pass and Fail messages speeds up the analysis process and removes any uncertainty with interpreting measurements.

The Gaspace Data Manager software allows you to download results stored on your analyzer and upload new settings. You can also search through your stored data by time, date, user, production line or any of the product information.