Additive & Color Dosing Controllers - Fine Control of even the smallest additive volumes

for adding small amounts of liquid additives to liquid

Additive Dosing Unit EVA 5 and EVA 6


  • Autonomous operation
  • Auto diagnostic and calibration
  • Infrared communication port
  • Compact unit
  • Small internal volume, minimum interadditive mixing
  • Washing option available (100% no interadditive mixing)
  • Modular design
  • High precision even with low quantities
  • Continuous flow regulation
  • Extremely wide viscosity, flow and temperature range
  • Easy installation and service
  • Connection through flexible hoses and quick connections
  • Container version available
Additive Dosing Unit EVA 5 and EVA 6


Light fuels (petrol, diesel, jet fuel or heating oil) are often colored or dosed with additives which improve their characteristics (engine cleaning, decarbonisation, fuel lubrication, combustion, stabilised features, cold flow, etc.). Additive dosing is also used by multinational oil companies to distinguish one from the others using various fuel additives. Some typical applications are shown on the diagram below.

Additive Dosing Unit EVA 5 and EVA 6

EVA is connected to the loading line and injects the chosen additive according to the given rate. The amount of the additive is dynamically controlled according to the product flow, which is measured with a flow meter or with a scale using pulse output. However, better accuracy and additional functions are reached using flow computers which include specific procedures for additive or color dosing like additive selection, overdue start of dosing, previous end of dosing etc.

The injection of additive through a special injection valve ensures optimum mixing of additive in fuel.

Additive Dosing Unit EVA 5 and EVA 6